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We teach and practice a simple message: As you change your thinking, you change your life.

We are part of an international movement called Science of Mind.

Science of Mind is a philosophy that was founded by Rev. Dr. Ernest Holmes, who, after studying many of the great religions of the world, realized that there were rooted in the same unifying themes of commonality. 

Science of Mind was established in 1927 by Ernest Holmes (1887–1960) and is a spiritual, philosophical and metaphysical religious movement within the New Thought movement.

What We Believe

We believe that there is one ultimate loving energy that is present everywhere. Call it what you’re comfortable with: God, Spirit, Source, the Great I Am, Allah, Yahweh; there are many names for the One. This is not a personality outside of us, but rather a presence within each of us. We are inherently Spiritual beings having a human experience.

We believe that God is an infinite Source for our growth and evolution and does not judge us, “keep score” or choose favorites. We view the concept of sin as merely “missing the mark” – an opportunity to make a different choice and experience a different outcome.

We believe that heaven and hell are states of mind and are not physical places to which we are sent by God.  God is unconditional Love, and would not create life to destroy or condemn it. When we tap into the energy of Abundance and Peace, we are in heaven. When we perceive separation from God, we experience hell.

We believe that we co-create with God, that our thoughts create our realities. When we align our thoughts with the perfection of God, we can heal sickness, break free from lack and limitation, and choose a way of living that is joy-filled and powerful.

We believe that we live in an abundant, unlimited universe and that within us lies all the Wisdom, Love and Power needed to create full, joyous, prosperous lives.


We are currently looking for a new Senior Minister.

We are blessed to have Rev. Ami Papadopulo as our staff minister.

Rev. Ami Papadopulo

Staff Minister

Rev. Erin Marie



Our amazing practitioners love to pray. They have studied for a minimum of four years to become Registered Religious Science Practitioners (RScP). As RScP's, they offer complementary prayers after Sunday Celebrations, and paid spiritual coaching sessions by request.

Tammy Evans

Tammy is a Religious Science Practitioner who has been coming to the Center since 2014. She became a member soon afterward and a practitioner in 2020. She is also a part of the Social Media team. Tammy feels that she has found her spiritual home here at CCSL, and embraces and supports a world that works for everyone. She feels that love is all there is and that inclusion and non-judgement are the foundation of what we teach here at the Center. Tammy was a single mother for many years and spent that time gathering information on spirituality in a search for a bigger meaning to life. Tammy was adopted at birth and is in reunion with her birth family. She actively supports adoptees and volunteers as a Search Angel for the Adoption Network in Cleveland, helping adoptees and birth families locate their missing loved ones. She enjoys learning, genealogy, travel and spending time with family and friends at her lake house. 

Janelle Carroll


Kristen Wilcock


Margie Salmons

RScP, Minsterial Graduate
Margie has been a consistently attending and active Charter member of the Columbus Center for Spiritual Living since 2008 and a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner for CCSL since 2011. She brings a wealth of passion, knowledge and compassion to this calling. Margie earned her BAE at The Ohio State University and is a senior at the Holmes Institute of Spiritual Leadership, earning her Masters in Consciousness. She is currently serving as the CCSL Spiritual Director. She has also served the CCSL community as a member of numerous teams including; Core Council (multiple times), Transition Team, teacher, CCSL class coordinator, Leadership Team member and in various other volunteer capacities. She retired from AT&T with 40 years, teaching and providing guidance as a Master Coach, sharing how to lead and inspire teams through her course, Coaching for a Shared Vision. She taught behavioral coaching techniques; managing resistance classes, Ownership workshops and more, always including and modeling the tenets of genuine and transparent leadership. With three children and six grandchildren, Margie has experienced many life-changing moments and is genuinely attuned to the human condition we all are experiencing, while understanding and sharing that we are all Spiritual beings first. Margie is often sought out and trusted to provide strategic counsel, thoughtful ideas, and prayers, garnering a reputation for helping others grow with love, empathy and humor.


Our musician is true professionals in his craft!

Tony Bonardi


C.O.R.E. Council

Our C.O.R.E. Council is our governing board. The 'C.O.R.E' stands for Consciousness oReality Expressing.

Board Members typically serve two or three year terms and are elected at our Annual Meeting

Mac Ware


Born and raised in West Central Ohio, Mac moved to Columbus in 1975 to work on construction at the OSU Hospital campus and has  lived here since then. He married Helen in 1984, and  raised two kids Ami Ware Papadopulo and Matthew Ware (deceased). He spent 40 years in the construction industry, started as a field surveyor and worked up thru the ranks, in 1994, he and a partner started a small general contracting firm. Throughout his career he continued to attend college and now holds a BS in engineering and a Masters in business management. Hes old out of the firm in 2006 and then took a teaching position in the Construction Management Program at OSU.  He and Helen now live in a condo and his hobbies include reading and playing golf. 

Rev. Ami Papadopulo


Kristen Wilcock


Kristen co-founded a not-for-profit organization for children with Autism in 2002. She acted as the Director of the organization for the first six years of operation and was on the Board of Trustees from 2005 to 2008. In 2007, Ms. Wilcock opened the Silver Lining Group, a private center for children with autism. As the owner/CEO of the Silver Lining Group, she has grown the company from 4 employees and 6 clients in 2007 to over 150 employees and 280 clients. She currently operates four locations in Ohio and provides outreach services in 18 counties. Ms. Wilcock currently acts as secretary for her condo association board, is a surveyor for the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and has extensive experience in working with numerous Boards including but not limited to: multiple school districts, both State and Local boards of the Department of Developmental Disabilities and the Department of Mental Health. Ms. Wilcock is also the proud parent of a young man on the autism spectrum. Her career and her son have led her to a role of advocating for children with disabilities at both local and state levels. She has been attending the Columbus Center for Spiritual Living since 2015 and has been a licensed practitioner since 2020. Her vision for CCSL is that the center becomes a stable, integrated presence in the Columbus community. A space where people gather to share, learn, grow, and contribute in meaningful ways through outreach, education, and service.

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